This is what men are saying about the Forge

After a great fall season at the Forge, I wanted to share some of the encouraging things that men had to say about their experience at our Weekend Advance.  Sure, I think the Forge is a great place for men to be challenged and engage in real spiritual development, but what do the men who have stepped up to the anvil have to say?  Here is a sampling:

“The Forge is a call to action.”

“I feel convicted to own my life, faith and outcomes more fully.  My choices are sacred.”

“It served as a major growth opportunity for our men’s ministry.”

“It was a great experience and a great message.  We really formed bonds.”

“I was REALLY looking forward to making an awesome knife, but what I left with was so much more than that.  I left with a full soul, new knowledge of God’s words and new ways to apply it to my life to take the steps to becoming a better man.  Such an incredibly powerful weekend!”

“The Forge helped me prioritize my life and what is important.”

“Very well done.”

“I’ll be reviewing the material over again frequently.”

“We need this.”

“I want to share this with the men in our congregation.”

“This was a blessing and exactly what I needed at the perfect time.”

“The impact was profound.  I have been having a difficult time with complacency and it has inspired me.”

“Truly a transformative experience.”

“It awakened my spirit.”

“My relationship with God has improved tremendously.  I learned how to find the battle that Christ has for me.”

“There is a fight going on in the world and I need to get in it.”

“It was a wake up call.”

“The Forge helped me commit to my purposes and to stop just thinking about it.  It’s time to do the work.”

“It will be a weekend talked about for years and the ripple effect of the knowledge and motivation gained will impact generations to come.”

“The Forge made me know that I need to step up.”

“It made me want to be a more godly disciplined man.”

“I expected to forge a knife.  I did not expect the quality teaching.  An awesome weekend!”

“An incredible spiritual impact.”

“Forging the knife boosted my confidence in taking chances in things I’m not used to doing.”

“The Forge brought me closer to my friends and God.”

“God is here.”

I am so grateful for what God has been doing through the Forge.  It has been a long, hard fight to get this far, but the words of these men make it all worthwhile.  This ministry is about advancing in our walk with God and advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  The Forge continues to move forward as well.  We learned a lot over the course of this season.  The Forge will continue to improve the quality of it’s ministry and it’s reach into the lives of men.  We have big plans for the future and look forward to many more stories regarding the impact of this ministry.

Events are being booked for 2020.  Send us a message.  We would love to have you experience the Forge for yourself!